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Nah~ even I write this thousand times it's no excuse for not updating my blog, ね

Hope you enjoy my third report.
Location: Hotel Cosmo Yokohama [Hotel Plumm / Cosmo Y.], Yokohama

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August 31st. All in all I was just 3 whole days in Yokohama so I really was in a hurry to visit the places around there.

As I arrived, it was raining the whole day because of the taifun... that is why I took a taxi for the 15 minutes walk.

The hotel is awesome! Really noble, clean and super friendly receptionists there! Everyone who will go there, please book at this place! You have also free internet there!

The first day was nothing to do. I just went to buy something to eat and drink for my trip to the Daibutsu in Kamakura (HASE) the next day.

September 1st. Sunny and hot. The rain of yesterday was dried by the heatness of the sun. It was really hot~ But the best weather to do the trip to Kamakura

From Yokohama station I took the train to Kamakura and there I changed to the local train for HASE, the place of the Daibutsu! So notice that. The Daibutsu or Great Buddah is not in Kamakura itself! It is located in HASE!

There were really much people! First I visited the HASE Temple and bought an omikuji for foreigners. Yes it was translated into english so I was able to read it! I took one for me (usual luck), for my best friend (usual luck) and my sister (bad luck)
Because my sister's was not good I put it on the tree where lot's of bad omikujis where already located

I am asking myself when this luck will become true xD~
It is already 5 months later......

The Daibutsu was not that special or impressing. I thought it would be much taller and much more impressive but.... well. It is a place I wont visit a second time. Sorry guys xD

HASE is located right in the near of the sea and so I took the chance to go to the strand for some time. At late afternoon I took the train back to Kamakura to arrive in Yokohama in time. And there I've met a wonderful and kind woman, aged 50. I asked her if this train will stop at Yokohama station because it was the Shinjuku Express. She said this train will stop at every station from now onwards so I took together with her the train and we talked in english. She was so nice~ She said she was 10 years ago in Berlin and that she really liked the city but it was just a stop-over so she could not visit much places. But she will go there again! She also said that she is learning Hula dance and asked me why I am in japan and where I already had been. It was a nice 40 minutes talk and at the end she gave me a present! A good-luck charm of the temple with a bell. She had this the whole time at her bag but at the end she turned it off and gave it to me

I was like  OMG and now? What can I give her? I do not have anything! Ahhhh think about it faster she will step out in some minutes!

Then I knew it! Luckily I had some EURO in my photocase so I gave a 1 eurocent and told her that it is not quite much but here in germany at my place, it is an good-luck charm which you should keep if you get it of someone as a present! So I gave her this and really tried hard that she accepted this [笑] Because she was like: "No no it is okay! You do not need to give me something in revenge." But I did and she was happy and wished me all the best.

I wish this woman all the best too and hope she is fine~
ありがと 御母さん

On september 2nd I did sightseeing in Yokohama. I visited Minato Mirai, the Baseball stadium, Chinatown and then it happened! At the pear in Yokohama there had been policemen and cameras. The filmed a drama I think! Unfortunately they did not film me ( T____T ) [笑] But I was there! Live. Until now I could not find out which drama or movie it was.........

The rest of the day I relaxed and packed my clothes for my next station: Saitama where I was visiting the concert of the japanese visual-kei band the GazettE

Please stay tuned if you want to read Part 4 m(_ _)m

I promise to hurry and update my blog

Also I have to finish this before my 3rd trip to japan in august this year

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