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I did really not expect that I would update the second part of my trip so late. I hope you are still interested?

Well here you go with the next report.
Location: Star Hotel Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

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August 26th. It was soooo early as I stood up ( <___< ) But I was excited to go to Tokyo, Shinjuku so my tiredness flew away quickly~

I arrived at afternoon at Shinjuku station and was shocked The station is so big! And it was my first time at this station.... I really thought I would get lost  But after some minutes a kind japanese woman helped to find the correct exit. So I went to West Central Exit to go to my hotel and checked in.

The first day I did not do anything much. Just bought something to eat and relaxed the rest of the day in my room

On august 27th my Shinjuku Sightseeing-Tour started

The first location I visited was the 新宿御苑 It was about 30 degrees on this day so I could see a vast blue sky, fresh green gras and feel the summer heat. The park is so large and beautiful. If you are in Shinjuku and need a place to rest you should go there I did need about 3 hours fr the whole park. At the east exit there were some staff who build a stage. Maybe it was a festival there, I did not know because I left the park around afternoon. After this I visited some temple located in Shinjuku and took a lot of pictures

At evening I ate at Mc Donald's [笑] It was tasty so no difference between german and japanese stores..... even my sister said last time the milk shake would taste different than in germany but I do not believe her [笑]

Every evening I watched japanese tv. Sometimes I did no understand very well what they talked about but I understood the weather news Because they showed pictures and I chart with city names. Luckily I knew all the kanji of the citys I went to

Okay I had to look at my dictionary for 横浜市 and 埼玉県 but I find them at the chart!

The next day I was looking for a post office. So I was searching for this sign in Shinjuku After some meters I have found one store near my hotel so I sent my very first letter to my family.
Okay what else did I do on this day Maybe I should had made a proper video diary..... it seems I missed some parts

Found my written diary right now so I can go on writing this entry.

At the same day, it is august 28th ne?, I did take the first time the Tokyo Shinjuku Line to Harajuku. I saved the number in my cellphone so I just needed to ask one time for the number. The number of the final destination is the price you pay for it. From Shinjuku Station to Harajuku Station it is 130

Harajuku was really kakoiiiii Saw a lot of cosplayer and all these fashion stores ( *____* ) Wished to go back there..........
I also visited a store called KIDDY LAND
I really.......... bought so much stuff there. But for my 2 nieces and 2 sisters! Not (just) for me [笑] But really I was there for about 2 hours 

The store had about 5 floorsOr 6 Do not remember anymore (oдO)

After this I went to Oriental Bazaar to buy something for my parents. It was really a nice shop. But expensive too....... Plus japanese do not use this shop to buy something so I think they need tourists to get money for their store I think........ But if you are searching for unique things you should visit this store

That was everything I have done on this day. To the next one. August 29th.

I left the hotel early because I went to visit the Tokyo Tower, Roppongi and Shibuya. Tokyo Tower was awesome. And the observation deck showed me a good view of Tokyo........ The weather was good too so I could see a great skyline of this metropolis

Roppongi and Shibuya are worth it to visit it too so you should have time to see everything. Above all, if you like shopping clothes and the awesome japanese fashion style, you should go to Shibuya 109, the best fashion store ever If you are german here you go with some infos of taxing.

If you are under 18 Years you can import stuff amounting to 175 EURO; above 18 Years it is 475 EURO so I think much enough to buy cool fashion in japan

I said two entries back that I went to a the GazettE concert, ne? For this I have met up with another german girl which was visiting japan the same time like me. Her name is Julia. We met in Shinjuku on august 30th right before the station. This day was cool..... Showed her some temple and then we did Karaoke, bought really tasty ice-cream and talked a lot about the things we have experienced. Later it begun to rain heavy. It was because of the typhoon. Unfortunately she had to go back at late afternoon so I went back to the hotel because of this weather. At that time I did watch 24hour terebi with NEWS as mainly guests. It was really touching. All the stories about good and sad lifes...... it reminds me of RTL Spendenmarathon.

I watched it till the very end and then there was a touching scene........ Tegoshi Yuya-san of NEWS hugged a woman called Imoto-san who was running a marathon with a distance above 126.585 km. He was proud that she did not give up so as she arrived there, with tears of relief, Tegoshi-san was touched and hugged her, patted her head. I found out that they two are member of ItteQ so they know each other a long time that is why they two were so touched I think.

Because of this show I did get interested in NEWS and bought the next day, before checking-out for my next hotel, 2 Singles of them and the album of TEGOMASS, which was formed by the 2 NEWS-Members Tegoshi Yuya-san and Masuda Takahisa-san. And I  their music. Of both That is why I bought, back in germany, their Concert DVDs too.

On august 31st I checked out like I wrote earlier and left for the next location: Hotel Cosmo Yokohama [Hotel Plumm / Cosmo Y.]

So please stay tuned if you want to read Part 3 m(_ _)m

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