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Okay now it is time for the first part of my trip.......

It's about my time in Narita-san

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August 21st. I really was excited because in some hours I would leave for Japan. I was flying with Japan Airlines [JAL] Non-Stop to Tokyo, Narita Airport.

I drove about 5 hours to Frankfurt International Airport with my car together with my sister and haha [mother]. There where so much road works that I thought I wouldn't arrive in time at the airport.

At 8pm we finally reached the airport in time. Then I said bye to my family and left for the check-in counter. 45 minutes later my plane was starting for Japan.

The food and board service at the plane was really good and tasty. Just 11hours then I would be in Japan

At 3pm we reached the Narita International Airport. Because of the swine flue you were filmed so the could check your temperature. But everything was okay and I finally could enter the pass control section. I picked up my baggage and left the big airport for my bus which was waiting outside.

The first 4 nights I stayed at Narita Kikusui Hotel in Narita-san.

The price for a single room is 5,500 Yen incl. breakfast for 1 night The rooms are large and clean. I really would recommend everyone this hotel The bus is a free service of the hotel! You just need to make a reservation for 2pm and 3pm. At the other times you don't need it. The bus is leaving every hour for the hotel.

The staff at the reception of the hotel is speakingenglish and everyone was very kind. I took my key and went to my room at the 4th floor. Finally. I really felt calm and happy to be here again. This was my second time at this hotel. I was there in 2007 too together with my sister. But this time it is just me in japan........

On august 22nd I did not do anything big. Just went to some combini [convenience store] and planned the next stations of my one-woman-trip

The next day I visited 成田山 新勝寺 Made a lot of photos there. The weather was so awesome  I really enjoyed this day. All in all I visited the whole temple in about 6 hours. After this I went to the combini again and bought some drinks, ramen and yoghurt.

The day after, on august 24th, I stood up very early because I did a trip to Chiba. This city is awesome too! Modern and culture. There was a lot to see and I found everything on my own *gou desu*

Back at my hotel on this day I decided to visit Sea World in Awa Kamogawa. On that day I stood up very early again to arrive there in time because it took about 2 hours to 安房鴨川駅. Then about 20 minutes to the entry of Sea World. It was so cool. Okay my sister is much more interested in aquariums but I really was inspired too. The beluga whales and dolphins, also the penguins and orcas........... I really loved to see them. I did not imagine that those whales are that large! But when you stay right before the big aquarium..... you can see how small you are against those whales. Unfortunately there were not any shows on this day
Σ( ̄□ ̄; ) 

As I was back at the hotel I immediately felt asleep after the bath. This was my last night at Kikusui Hotel because at the other day, august 26th, I did check-out for my next hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Please stay tuned for the next report of my 5 days at Tokyo Star Hotel, Shinjuku-ku

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