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Oh well it's a while since my last post ( ' ∀ ' )

Maybe I should update my blog more often......... ( >_< )

Do you want to read some news? If yes read on, if not let it be xD

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I was in japan for about 25 days  It was so awesome......... nah~ I want to go back there ( ˊДˋ )

This time was really sugoi  Will never forget this trip. But time went by so fast........ I hope I can go there soon again.

Decidedly the best of my trip was the concert  
Eh I did not write about it

I was at their concert on september 5th in Saitama.

Eh!?!?!! Σ( ̄□ ̄; ) I am speaking about the GazettE (oдO)

The show was really awesomeI had a so fucking good seat directly in front of the stage, row 10.

Ah~ () I think I will never forget this day...........

I experienced so much. Japan is really great! You should go there if you have the chance too

Okay I will write a detailed report about all the things I have seen and done in the next days so keep waiting

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